Title:  Cook

Position Summary

The Cook is responsible for preparing all dishes according to company recipes and standards, with accountability for:

  • Ensuring Workability, Intensity & Integrity
  • Preparing all dishes to meet company standards for flavor, color, and aroma
  • Guiding Kitchen Help and assisting with their training
  • Performing all Back of House (BOH) responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assists in training contractual employees.
  • Checks utensils, equipment, and work area cleanliness.
  • Follows cooking procedures and formulation.
  • Inspects incoming materials for quality and specs.
  • Inspects product quality before packaging.
  • Monitors packaging materials and production line.
  • Performs other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
  • Reports daily production, attendance, and summary.
  • Reports deviations, accidents, misbehavior, breakdowns, etc.
  • Requests raw materials and supplies for planned production.
  • Sets an example for responsible behavior.


Some high school


  • Minimum one year of Operations experience required


At least level 3 TESDA certification in Commercial Cooking or Food and Beverage Service courses

Working Conditions

Store Conditions:

  • Counter areas often hot with steam from steam table and food vapors
  • Hot kitchens with high noise levels
  • Limited work space depending on location


Physical Requirements:

  • Remains standing for long periods of time
  • Reaches across counter tops measured at 36 inches
  • Occasionally reaches high storage shelving with use of step ladder
  • Performs repetitive tasks
  • Cross training may include use of Chinese cook knife, wok, and other restaurant equipment
  • Works efficiently in a fast paced environment with hot and cold foods

Internal Stakeholders

  • AKL/KL: coordination on stock pull-outs and kitchen-related operations, production and TC levels

External Stakeholders