Title:  Senior R&D Manager (Meat & Sauces)

The R&D Lead (Senior Manager for Meat and Sauce) will lead all activities related to technology transfer to include but not limited to profile and taste replication, raw material matching and development, supplier development, store procedure development, monitor food and paper cost achievement, and quality control coordination of any foreign franchised brand acquisition throughout the incubation period. He/she will be responsible for in ensuring BKAP approvals are on time, setting up and documenting product standards, quality assurance parameters, and regulatory compliance.


Landing a Brand

  • Provides technical support to Marketing’s research activities during assessment of menu offering acceptability.

  • Leads the establishment and set up of specifications for raw materials, both for traded and for commissary use.

  • Conducts replication test for approval by BU and/or JV Partner.

  • Conducts commercialization of products based on agreed opening menu.

  • Supports gross margin (GM) achievement.

  • Ensures all products and materials used are BKAP approved.


New Product Development

  • Creates concepts and formulations for new products.

  • Develops and maintains project plans, identifies critical paths, and resources required for new products.

  • Evaluates compatibility of existing equipment and parameters development.

  • Manages the development of Gold Standard in manufacturing/toll processors and in stores.

  • Establishes product costings and supports gross margin (GM) achievement.

  • Ensures BKAP approvals are on time and launching timelines are met.


Product and Process Improvement

  • Regularly checks and analyzes competitors’ products.

  • Develops alternative and sustainable raw materials.

  • Leads re-engineering of products to improve quality and market acceptability, process and/or cost efficiency.

  • Analyzes data and recommends T&U, equipment (store and manufacturing) and processes for both store and manufacturing.

  • Ensures all alternative products and materials used are BKAP approved.


Regulatory Compliance and Technical Documentation

  • Coordinates with procurement team, suppliers, and Franchisor/s to ensure necessary documents for regulatory compliance are available.

  • Provides proper documentation of all formulations, manufacturing processes, products and materials standards, and maintenance of documentation.

  • Maintenance of menu lists of new, improved, and modified products.

  • Creation and maintenance of Revision History of all modified products.

  • Coordinates with Document Management Team on submission of Product Specification Sheet and other technical documents for controlled centralized distribution.

  • Ensures all documentations required by BKAP are up to date and available.



  • Graduate of BS Food Technology or BS Chemistry.

  • At least 5 years extensive supervisory work experience in R&D and QA of reputable food service or food manufacturing company.

  • Preferably GMP, HACCP certified.

  • Must have a solid understanding of food science, the business, store operations and the commercialization process.

  • Must have advance knowledge in the processes and technology involved in all core and flagship products both manufacturing and store.

  • Must have knowledge of ingredients, raw materials and food manufacturing processes as they apply to the food industry.

  • Must be a good problem solver, able to identify, interpret and analyze data and provide detailed direction to developmental projects.

  • Must have in-depth knowledge in meat technology and sauce technology.

  • Must have active knowledge beyond product development including process, packaging and QA.