Title:  Engineering Technician


Monitoring, execution, troubleshooting and repair of refrigeration system, compressed air system, power system, steam system and preventive maintenance activities. Recommends improvement and actions affecting performance of his duties.



(action- reason-result/s formula)


Key Result Area 1: Preventive Maintenance Execution


Pre-Plant Operation Stage

  1. Provides mechanical technical services necessary for the installation of production, utility and other support equipment.


    1. Checks and inspects equipment and materials deliveries.
    2. Prepares highlight and exception report on the inspection findings.
    3. Coordinates with the equipment ex-pat or local installation project engineer. Determines materials and labor needed to be provided by JFC and not part of the installation package.
    4. Prepares requisition on the materials and labor needed. Endorse it to the supervisor.
    5. Performs actual installation and other related works.


  1. Gathers equipment specifications such as model, serial number, power rating, etc. Compiles all necessary data and prepares a master list which will be used in the preparation of preventive maintenance program and equipment history.
  2. Prepares preventive maintenance program/plan in consultation with the engineering supervisor. This includes the checklists/forms needed.
  3. Prepares predictive maintenance and condition monitoring plan in consultation with the engineering supervisor. This includes the checklists/forms needed.
  4. Identifies all equipment that requires tagging.
  5. Plans for the proper tagging of equipment in conjunction with the ISO, safety and other related requirement.
  6. Endorses to the engineering supervisor the recommended tagging system.
  7. Implements approved tagging system.


Plant Operation Stage

  1. Performs preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring regularly.
  2. Prepares graphical and other forms of presentation for the monitored parameters for benchmark and analysis purposes.
  3. Performs corrective maintenance when necessary.
  4. Cleans regularly all mechanical equipment and controls.
  5. Lubricates mechanical parts. Replaces defective parts when necessary. Dismantles and sends to outside repair shops whenever necessary. Rehabilitates mechanical equipment when necessary.
  6. Conducts technical analysis on mechanical equipment failure, determines root cause and recommends and implements solution to prevent recurrence.
  7. Carries out installation of mechanical equipment including controls.
  8. Reviews and enhances preventive maintenance program in consultation with the engineering supervisor.
  9. Executes load and functional testing of production and utility mechanical equipment.
  10. Prepares written report and/or immediately refers to the supervisor any abnormalities observed on the equipment. Does immediate action whenever necessary.
  11. Log-in and prepares/submits written reports for the shift, daily and weekly equipments operation monitoring and maintenance activities.
  12. Prepares/submits ISO monitoring and maintenance activities report/checklist.
  13. Diagnoses trouble and performs corrective measures on identified problems such as noisy running, strong vibration, overloaded, etc.
  14. Accomplishes all periodic monitoring forms and checklists. Submits to supervisor for checking and information. Prepares highlight and exception report.
  15. Strictly follows company rules and regulations.
  16. Strictly follows department house rules and standard operating procedures (SOP).


Efficiency and Availability of Equipment

Key Result Area 2: Refrigeration/Utilities system operations , monitoring and maintenance


  1. Operates the following:
  1. Water supply and treatment system
  2. Wastewater treatment system
  3. Diesel fuel supply system
  4. Steam supply system
  5. Compressed air supply system
  6. LPG supply system
  7. Fire protection system
  8. Refrigeration and air conditioning systems


  1. Ensures that all systems mentioned are in tip top operating condition.
  2. Completion of daily monitoring sheets.
  3. Conduct regular inspection, trouble shooting and address equipment problems.
  4. Prepares written report and/or immediately refers to the supervisor any abnormalities observed on the equipment. Does immediate action whenever necessary.

Downtime / Uptime

Key Result Area 3: Safety & GMP


  1. Check and act on safety deficiencies of equipments & structures;
  2. Conduct repair and maintenance activities to ensure GMP compliance
  3. Ensures mechanical equipment in proper order, free of dust and cobweb. Working area should be free from clutters that are considered safety hazards.
  4. Always maintains the cleanliness, orderliness and safe condition of the working area.
  5. Wears prescribed personnel protective equipment and uniforms.
  6. Strictly observes and adheres to sanitation and safety policies and procedures.

Accidents & Incidents

Key Result Area 4: Project activities monitoring


  1. Monitoring of Third Party contractors

Timely accomplishment of assigned task.

Key Result Area 5:  Spare parts monitoring


  1. Conducts spare parts inventory
  2. Recommend replenishment of stocks.
  3. Identifies and initiates requisition for spare parts needed in the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance. Ensures that all items requested have complete specifications.

Within allocated budget

Key Result Area 6: Customer initiated work order execution


  1. Execute Planned work order activities

Work order completion and document compliance.

Key Result Area 7:  Compliance


Abides Company Policies, Rules and Regulations on Discipline, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food Safety, Quality Schemes, Safety and other related Company Policies being implemented.



Perform other job or expertise related assignments in order to develop one’s self and/or share one’s expertise resulting to support for operational efficiency

Quality and timeliness of delivery



Graduate of any Engineering course preferably licensed


At least 6 months experience in any Manufacturing Industry at the same capacity

Training/License/ Certification

Preferably licensed but not a requirement

Essential Traits

Communication skills, high level of stress of tolerance,


Work Conditions


Managerial/ Technical Leadership


Scope of Impact

Engg Dept and Mfg lines

Level of Function-Specific Knowledge

Maintenance works dealing with production and utility equipment preferably in a food manufacturing company


Expected to recommend or make minor changes in policy or procedure


External Contacts

Suppliers, service providers

Internal Contacts

Other units in the Commissary,