Title:  Assistant Restaurant Manager - Camiling

Position Summary

The Assistant Restaurant Manager 1 (ARM 1) supports the Restaurant Manager in achieving the store targets through effective management of store operations. Specifically, the ARM-1 serves as the store’s Food Safety Officer and P&L Custodian, and leads the store in Production Quality. The ARM is also responsible for shift management of the store’s day-to-day operations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assists the Restaurant Manager in carrying out community relations plan to support brand image
  • Conducts sales program evaluation as a basis for implementing sales building plans and requirements
  • Employs in-store and out-of-store merchandising programs and plans
  • Ensures achievement of standard inventory turnover rate (i.e. completeness, sufficient levels, storage quality)
  • Identifies key drivers affecting all shifts and works with concerned managers in the development of strategies and initiatives to resolve issues over the long term
  • Identifies opportunities to maximize potential sales according to production plan, product mix, track sales, corrects back-up and adjusts as necessary
  • Identifies product volume forecast based on sales forecast. Monitors and analyzes sales performance (AC, TC, dayparts) and provides recommendation to improve sales performance.
  • Maintains stock-day level based on actual customer demand and creates adjustments as necessary
  • Monitors adherence to standards and follows through execution during production planning
  • Monitors and identifies causes of variances and do corrective actions (integrate to the last bullet)
  • Plans for production workflow and systems covering cover the anticipate sudden influx of customers, appropriate manning mix and crew positioning
  • Proposes doable tactical sales maximization activities aligned to LSM and packaged programs of Marketing.
  • Understands, integrates and analyzes all shifts performance data including historical and leads in the development and application of improvement initiatives.
  • Coordinates with the Crew Leader with the training certification of team members
  • Coordinates with the agency in documenting the critical incidents of team members’ performance appraisal.
  • Ensure restaurant compliance with labor requirements such
  • Recommends initiatives that will motivate, sustain and improve crew performance.
  • Creates Shopping Cart (SHC) and Goods Receipt (GR) as well as the documentation of invoices/delivery receipts to facilitate payment to suppliers.
  • Ensures that all official documents and reports from the store are kept in the proper places and only accessible to the correct roles.
  • Monitors store compliance with government requirements such as store permits and licenses.
  • Works with the Restaurant Manager in defining Safety and Security Programs. Conducts Safety and Security programs.


Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Hotel and Restaurant Management or any business-related course


  • At least 2 years experience as an Assistant Manager or Supervisor in a restaurant/food service or retail operations


Basic Operations Training Program (BOTP)

Working Conditions

Most day-to-day work is at the store. Occasional pullouts for training programs and other activities.

Internal Stakeholders

  • Restaurant Manager

External Stakeholders

  • Suppliers, Contractors